Class Data Base Request 


                                                                                                                      Jerome Selvog                                                                                                                      Edgerton Alumni Foundation                                                                                                                      3977 W. High St.                                                                                                                       Edgerton, WI 53534                                                                                                                       March 18, 2015


​My Name is Jerome Selvog, I am representing the Edgerton Alumni Foundation in Our effort to achieve a database of all classes from the Edgerton High School. I am contacting you to try to get a complete address data base of your class members or the names and addresses of reunion committee members. The reason for this database is multifold in as we would like to have it as a central location to have addresses available for future reunions. Maybe in the future even have Envelopes printed up for these events. It has been discussed to even have a Alumni Web site where these addresses could be updated as well as posting reunion news and information.   
The Alumni group would also use this for helping to fund the foundation Activities in providing resources in an accountable manner that will enable the Edgerton School System to be a leader in the education of our youth and promote the city of Edgerton, Wisconsin and surrounding area as an exemplary learning community, paying for school supplies for the disadvantaged youth who cannot afford to pay for school fees and supplies and for special needs of the Edgerton School District to promote learning in the community. The Intent of the organization is to provide funds to the Edgerton Wisconsin School System to be used where the board of Directors request and also to provide a permanent annuity fund to support the educational missions of the Edgerton School System. Funds will be solicited via mailings, emailing and personal contact from all alumni of Edgerton High School, former teachers, friends, and businesses. Special emphasis will be toward high school reunion committees to help fund the Program through donations from each graduating class when they have a reunion
I would like to get the information in a digital format if at all Possible.  but if you have it on hard copy that will work too. Items needed would be: year graduated, .Full Name (at Graduation time), Current Last name, Street address, City, state, Zip code, Telephone, Email, and Spouse's First name. A sample would be as follows: 1963, Jerome Lorne Selvog, Selvog, Jerome, 3977 W. High St, Edgerton, WI 53534 608 884-4296,, Darlene. Of course the commas are not needed if you are using Microsoft Office Excel. Thank You for your input.

​Jerome Selvog
Chairman (EAF)