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We do support education outside of the school if we are asked to; no donation is too big or too small. You can earmark your donation to any area you prefer it to go to, or even do it as a memorial to a loved one.

A favorite program of mine is the STEM Program that is just getting a good start in the Grade School. If you want more information on this feel free to contact me and I will explain it in more detail. If you feel that you were given a good education in Edgerton please help us out with a donation and share this with your friends on Facebook to reach out as far as we can.


​The best part of the foundation is that your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION WILL NEVER BE SPENT. Instead, it will continue to generate annual earnings FOREVER!!! The more you give the more it helps now and in the years to come. By keeping your donation in the fund and only using the income it generates, it assures everyone that their contributions matter and will still be helping long after they have moved on.

Brochures are available at our office, 5 W Rollin Street, Unit C, Edgerton, WI 53534 and many other businesses in Edgerton.

Honor Roll

Individuals and groups that have been donors of the Edgerton Alumni Foundation.

Individual Donors

Gary and Nancy Durgin - Class of 1962
Russ and Jan Veitch - Class of 1962/1963
Gene and Mary Schwartzlow - Class of 1962/1963
Jeff Roethe - Class of 1962
James and Jodi Strasburg - Class of 1962
Bill and Joan Obert - Class of 1962
James McCaffery - Class of 1962
Fred and Helen Kluever - Class of 1962
Doug and Chyrl Nelson - Class of 1962/1964
Robert and Karen Hershberg - Class of 1962
Larry and Marguerite Johnson - Class of 1962
Suzanne Bradley - Class of 1962
Richard Jordan - Class of 1963
Curtis Hanson - Class of 1963
Dale and Ruth Roth - Class of 1965
Carrie Durgin - Class of 1994
Ronald Brewster - Teacher
Karen and Lloyd Berg Memorial

Group Donors

Class of 1962 - $600 in 2007
Class of 1958 - $1,000 in 2008
Class of 1963 - $1,765 in 2008
Rummage Sale - $800 in 2013
Class of 1965 - $1,000 in 2015
Class of 1970 - $1,000 in 2015
Edgerton Bowhunters - over
$45,000 in 2017
Class of 1963 - $5,445 in 2018
I-90 Enterprises - matching March
donations in 2019
Class of 1964 - $200 in 2019
Class of 1959 - $350.39 in 2019
Class of 1954 - $450 in 2019