Thank You Class of 1959!

The EAF received a $350.39 check for the Perpetual Fund from the Class of 1959. They have decided to donate the balance of their checking account to the Perpetual Fund because they will no longer plan 5-year class reunions. They do intend to gather regularly each year with each person paying for their own meal. THANK YOU CLASS OF 1959!!

Only the interest from the Perpetual Fund is used for grants for education initiatives in the Edgerton Community. Your donation stays in the Fund forever to offer more grants through the years.

The Edgerton Alumni Foundation is looking for more Board members to help decide WHO receives these grants. If you are interested, please contact Jerry Selvog by email, at the EAF Office at 25 N. Main, Edgerton WI, or by mail to PO Box 187, Edgerton, WI 53534.