EAF Satellite Book Case Locations

The Edgerton Alumni Foundation has a large selection of used books for sale at several businesses throughout Edgerton. Each business has a book case similar to the one pictured here. The book cases have fiction, history, science, dictionary, medical, travel, comedy, poetry, craft, cooking, etc., plus EAF brochures and a greeting card assortment.

Books and cards are $1.00 a piece, and this income helps pay for EAF operations. Each book case has a payment box with more information.

Below is a list of the satellite book case locations. (Some are specialty book cases as listed.)

25 N Main St
(storage to supply satellite book cases)

Somewhere in Time Antiques & Collectibles
10 W Fulton St

Anew Insurance Agency
4 Lord St

Coachman’s Inn & Golf Resort
984 County Road A

Deegan’s Do-It-Best
1025 N Main St
(how-to, hunting)

Edgerton Children’s Center
414 Albion St
(parenting, children’s books)

Edgerton Floral & Garden Center
1101 N Main St

Edgerton Reporter
21 N Henry St
(biographies, creative writing)
Hickory Hills Campground
856 Hillside Rd

I-90 Enterprises
400 E State Road 59

Irgens Dentistry
225 W Fulton St

Lakeland Camping Resort
2801 E State Road 59

Laundry Room
512 N Main St
(paper backs)

Rock River Leisure Estates
530 E Ellendale Rd

Roethe, Pope, Roethe Law Office
24 N Henry St

Vannie Gogh/The Depot
20 S Main St
(art, music, photography)
Updated as of June 6, 2019

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