EAF Satellite Book Case Locations

The Edgerton Alumni Foundation has a large selection of used books for sale at several businesses throughout Edgerton. Each business has a book case similar to the one pictured here. The book cases have fiction, history, science, dictionary, medical, travel, comedy, poetry, craft, cooking, etc., plus EAF brochures and a greeting card assortment.

Books and cards are $1.00 a piece, and this income helps pay for EAF operations. Each book case has a payment box with more information.

Below is a list of the satellite book case locations. (Some are specialty book cases as listed.)

Updated as of 9/27/2018
25 N. Main
(storage to supply satellite book cases)

Somewhere in Time Antiques & Collectibles
10 W. Fulton Street

Anew Insurance Agency
4 Lord Street

Coachman’s Inn & Golf Resort
984 CTH A

Deegan’s Do-It-Best
1025 N. Main
(how-to, hunting)

Edgerton Children’s Center
414 Albion Street
(parenting, children’s books)

Edgerton Floral & Garden Center
1101 N. Main

Edgerton Reporter
21 N. Henry
(biographies, creative writing)
Hickory Hills Campground
856 Hillside Road

I-90 Enterprises
400 E. State Road 59

Irgens Dentistry
225 W. Fulton

Lakeland Camping Resort
2801 E. State Road 59

Laundry Room
512 N. Main
(paper backs)

Rock River Leisure Estates
530 E. Ellendale Road

Roethe, Pope, Roethe Law Office
24 N. Henry

Sara’s Health & Fitness
121 N. Henry
(health and fitness)

Vannie Gogh/The Depot
20 S. Main
(art, music, photography)

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